What Is Acne Rosacea And How Is It Treated?

While most people have heard about acne, there is a different type of acne that they have probably never heard of.  That type of acne is called acne rosacea and it is very common among adults.  Even if you have never heard of acne rosacea, you have more than likely seen people that suffer from this condition. It isn’t a major condition and it can be treated if it is diagnosed properly.

Have you ever seen a person with red “rosy” cheeks?  I don’t mean the red cheeks that you get in the winter months due to the cold weather.  I mean people with seemingly red “rosy” cheeks all year round.  That is what acne rosacea looks like.  It usually presents as a rash that goes from one side of the face to the other and it usually crosses over the bridge of the nose.

Acne rosacea usually starts as what can commonly called a blushing or flushed face.  Most people discount this condition at that time but as it continues, it becomes obvious that it is a medical condition.  Acne rosacea develops from just a slight red rash to a condition where the skin becomes red, inflamed and irritated. Acne rosacea sufferers usually feel like they have to scratch these bumps but they really shouldn’t because that can help it spread.

So how can acne rosacea be treated?  The first thing to know is that acne rosacea does not have a cure but it isn’t an overly serious condition.  Since it can’t be cured, sufferers of acne rosacea are instructed on how that can manage the condition.  Sufferers are told to keep a diary of when their acne rosacea is worse than other times.  The diary documents what a person was doing, what they were eating and what they were feeling when their acne rosacea begins to flare up.  By studying the diary, an acne rosacea sufferer and their doctor can work on ways to avoid flare ups by avoiding certain conditions that can make the situation worse.

Once a person begins suffering from acne rosacea, they will always have to deal with it.  But it can be managed and people can live with it without acne rosacea making their life difficult.